In a club full of boys, you deserve the, “Best Man”.

Personal Matchmaking for Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ California Men

Best Man Matchmaking is a boutique, concierge matchmaking service for
Gay California Men who are tired of the dating apps and are seeking a dating process that’s authentic and back to the basics.
 Best Man Matchmaking works with Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer+ Men in California who are seeking a long-term, committed relationship and are looking to be matched with upper echelon, quality, caliber single men who are ready to find love. Utilizing a 2:1, in-person matchmaking model, our goal is to bring authentic, organic connections for GBTQ+ Men. Best Man Matchmaking is California’s only certified, LGBTQ+ owned matchmaking company based in West Hollywood, California, incorporated under the state laws of California, and co-run by two gay men, both born and raised in California.


Hi Anthony! Honestly it was amazing. We are so connected it’s like we’ve known eachother for a long time. You legit found the perfect match.

Bachelor M, 40, Business Owner

"Hi Anthony. I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you. This past weekend I got engaged to ***** and I wanted to share the good news with you bc through you I met the perfect man for me and I will be forever grateful. "

Bachelor D, 38, Attorney

"Hi Anthony for reaching out! Things with ******* are going sooo well! I absolutely adore him and the way he treats me. He's amazing!"

Bachelor J, 41, Mental Health Specialist

"Super comfortable being and talking with you. Just speaking with and opening up to you about it helped! Thank you Anthony for being so open and talking about everything. I'm very lucky I ran into you."

Bachelor A, 28, Actor

"Oh my god Anthony. I had such a good time with ******. He's already planning our next date. I'm beyond happy! I'll definitely keep you updated"

Bachelor K, 39, Podcaster

"Anthony, you are the best Matchmaker and Date Coach ever, you are so easy to talk to and you always keep it real! Thanks again!"

Bachelor J, 26, Actor

"Anthony, after our first date Thursday, I asked him out again for a second date Sunday night for some drinks, and this Friday, I'm taking him to brunch by the beach. He's the cutest. Really excited about Date 3."

Bachelor P, 32, Business Development

"Hi Anthony. Great job, I thought my match and I were very compatible and we've set up a second date for dinner next week!"

Bachelor S, 54, Doctor

"Anthony, I wanted to reach out with an update since we last spoke. ***** and I are now in an exclusive relationship. They're a total catch and every time we're together, I am the happiest I've ever been. 🙂 "

Bachelor I, 35, Finance

"Anthony introduced me to a California bachelor that I was skeptical at first glance, but getting to know him over Zoom, I fell head over heels. I'm so in love Anthony!"

International Bachelor D, 63, Retired, Mexico City, Mexico

Anthony has a nationwide network that was helpful for someone who travels a lot like me. I was confident knowing that he took care of setting up a fun date, and even took part in a sixties style dating game show! It was always a pleasure talking with him virtually and over the phone because what I love most about Anthony is his kind demeanor and fun bubbly personality. The work was left up to him and all I had to do was show up and be myself which is all I really ask for when it comes to matchmaking. Thanks Anthony!

Lesbian Bachelorette B, 34, Mental Health Therapist

"I have known Anthony for a few years now and he is a dedicated matchmaker located in Los Angeles. He is a joy to work with and is good at what he does."

Daphney Poyser, Founder and CEO of Fern Connections

"Anthony is super responsive, dedicated, proactive, and caring. He has a great niche focused on helping gay men find a life partner. DateSpot partners with him to provide excellent matches for each other, and I highly recommend his service!"

Carla Swiryn, Founder of DateSpot

"Dating can be a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. It’s important to be open-minded and patient when looking for a compatible partner. By following Anthony’s tips, you’ll have a better chance of finding someone who is right for you. If you’re ready to take your dating life to the next level, contact Anthony today! He will work with you to find the perfect match and help you elevate your dating life to a whole new level."

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