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After working with more than 1500+ singles who were seeking a long-term, committed relationship, our Matchmaker, Anthony, has found that each one of them needed extra comfort and reassurance as they struggled to navigate their journey and progress.

At Best Man Matchmaking, we’ve custom-tailored a curated, matchmaking process that guarantees dating progression and results. 

Level 1: Initial Consultation with Matchmaker, Anthony

Anthony will get to know more about you and what you’re looking for during your Free, 30 Minute Introductory Consultation. During the consultation, you and Anthony will be discussing your personal background and professional accolades, but most importantly, what qualities and values you seek for in your future partner.

Level 2: Personality and Match Assessment

Members who are interested in working and hiring Anthony as their Personal Gay Matchmaker will be invited to a 60-minute, Personality and Match Assessment. In this session, Anthony will have the amazing opportunity to learn more about you and what you are looking for in a partner in full-depth: from hobbies, to community service, to religion compatibility, seeking marriage or a life partner, do you want to have kids, and even ask what’s your sexual preference in the bedroom (yes, we take everything into account)!

Level 3: Professional Consulting Session and Photoshoot

In this 60-minute session, you and Anthony will dive deeper in your dating background and life after coming to your sexuality. This session is to assess and decode your dating and life patterns, analyze what is preventing you from either being your authentic self, how it affects your day to day, and/or finding your person, and utilize practical, informative, and approachable tactics that will not only get you from app to date, but also elevate your dating life to a whole other level!

To add on to, “adding value”, you will also be scheduled a Professional Photoshoot with Best Man Matchmaking’s In-House Photographer! Having a professional photoshoot will allow you to not only look your best, but feel your best! 

Level 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Review Potential Matches

As Anthony gets to know you, Anthony will also be working behind the scenes scouting, recruiting, vetting, and curating quality potential matches. Clients will receive an email from Anthony to schedule a meeting to present, review, and approve potential matches.

Level 5: Planning The Date

Once the client and his match have approve to meet each other, Anthony will set up a date & time and coordinate the first date! Dates are planned as In-Person, Interactive Dates, such as a walk in the park, happy hour, an interactive activity such as rollerblading or exploring an art museum, or dinner at the promenade! 

Level 6: Post-Date Feedback and Action

The day after the initial first date, Anthony will send both matches a date feedback form to fill out to see how the date went. Both members will have the opportunity to follow-up with Anthony virtually to discuss the date in-depth and discuss protocol of action- whether that’s both matches agreeing to meet for a second date or moving on to the next match.

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