Anthony Canapi, Celebrity Matchmaker, Founder, and CEO

Known in the Matchmaking Industry as, “California’s Gay Matchmaker”, Anthony Canapi is a Certified, Professional Matchmaker, Dating Coach, and the Founder & CEO of Best Man Matchmaking. Anthony is dedicated to his craft of introducing Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Men to the upper echolon of gay singles who are seeking a long-term, committed relationship. With his first successful match at 16 years old, Anthony has connected more than 1500+ professional singles for the past 9 years; Anthony has set up both Gay and Heterosexual men and planned more than 500+ dates, with many successful love stories, and handful of engagements and marriages under his belt. Anthony is also currently back in school for his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in LGBT-Affirmative Psychology and would love to become licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist for Gay Couples and as a Professional Clinical Counselor for LGBTQ+ youth. Anthony brings empathy, love, and happiness to everyone he works with.

Daniel Cooley, Celebrity Matchmaker
and COO

Founding one of West Hollywood’s biggest nonprofits that advocates towards the stigma of HIV and AIDS and help Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Men start the process of PrEP, Daniel was known as the Divine Connector of the non-profit that went from a couple hundred members to thousands across the L.A. metropolitan area. Within the group, a lot of the men who he advocated for were gay singles who wanted to be introduced to other men within the group looking for love. After connecting more than hundreds of Gay Men within his nonprofit, he met Anthony through a referral, and after many successful collaborations and partnerships within their clientele, Daniel wanted in! Utilizing his talents in Non-Profit, Real Estate, Entertainment, and Massage Therapy, Daniel exceeded Anthony’s expectations and has been business partners with Anthony since; like the say in Hollywood, the rest is history!

Why should you work with Anthony & Daniel?


Mentored by the best.

Anthony and Daniel have been mentored and trained by some of the most notable, reputable, and respectable names in the Matchmaking and Dating Service industry. 

Verified by the best.

Anthony and Daniel are verified, approved Matchmakers of a variety of Matchmaking and Dating Service groups and individually, both have a large network of LGBTQ+ quality singles and partnered professionals.

Cerified by the best.

Anthony is certified as a Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach from the Matchmaking Business Academy and Love Pro University, with Daniel receiving his certification as a Professional Matchmaker from the Global Love Institute.

Certified LGBTQIA+ Company

Best Man Matchmaking is a trusted, certified LGBTQIA+ company and member of The Los Angeles LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, the premier business resource for LGBTQI+ businesses, and named “Chamber of the Year” by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.


New set of eyes.

Anthony and Daniel are one of the few, notable Professional Male Matchmakers in the world! With Anthony’s old-school, holistic perspective and Daniel’s intuitive, outgoing presence, both bring unique approaches when it comes to matchmaking their clients.


Serious and Upfront

Anthony and Daniel scouts, recruits, vets, and qualifies each potential match for their clients, whilst collaborates with other LGBTQ+ affiliates whose members are relationship and marriage-minded, seeking a serious, long-term relationship.

Hand-picked and Transparent 

Anthony and Daniel hand picks all of your matches for you and works with you to discuss potential bachelors.

Your Personal Date Planners

Anthony and Daniel coordinates the date, time, and location to set up your date!

Personalized and Accustomed 

There’s no big team, no assistant, no algorithm, no third-party matching program. Anthony and Daniel are a two-person team and works with you two on one in a private, confidential, offline, and back to basics approach to ensure client success.

How did Anthony meet Daniel?

Once upon a time, Anthony Canapi founded Best Man Matchmaking in March of 2022 after discovering at that time, there was no matchmaking company or service based in California that provided matchmaking to Gay Men, especially one that was LGBTQ+ operated. So Anthony thought, “why not be that service”?

He met his business partner, Daniel Cooley, months after the launch of Best Man Matchmaking through a referral. After being introduced to Anthony, Daniel wanted in not as a matchmaking member, but as a Love Recruiter and Matchmaker for Anthony. Despite Anthony’s skepticism (Anthony stated that he’s totally fine with doing the work on his own and didn’t need more hands on deck), Daniel wanted to prove him wrong. In the matter of months, the Best Man Matchmaking database grew from a hundred members to a thousand, all referred from Daniel himself. Anthony’s “Solopreneur Business” turned into Anthony and Daniel’s “Co-Owned Business” and the two have been business partners ever since.

Not only did Daniel bring a lot of value to Best Man Matchmaking, but both men bring different matchmaking styles to the table that benefits both clients and members- with Anthony’s old-school, holistic perspective, making sure everything aligns on paper, and Daniel’s intuitive, outgoing approach, leading with his gut and making sure energy patterns align, both bring unique approaches when it comes to matchmaking their clients. These two very different, yet distinctive approaches is the magic that resulted in many Best Man Matchmaking clients finding the love of their lives. 

Word from our Founder, Anthony


 Born and raised in one of the best Metropolitan cities in the world, Los Angeles, I understand how hard dating is as a Gay Man in the city because I had to face it head on myself; being single for a number of years, dealing with the constant, endless swiping of the dating apps, growing more frustrated in my dating life, etc., unfortunately, it’s not easy.

After years of matching Heterosexual Men and Women, whilst balancing my own dating life, to then utilizing a Gay Matchmaker myself, to then having a close friend of mine getting declined by a firm due to his sexuality, I realized how hard it is for someone like myself to find love, but not only that, I questioned and asked myself, “how many other Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Men are in my position throughout California?” Not only do you have Los Angeles, you have San Francisco, Palm Springs, San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Fresno, etc,. To add on to that, how many GBTQ+ men throughout the country are in that same position?

I created and founded Best Man Matchmaking in March of 2022, exclusively for Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Men who seek a dating process that’s more old-school, organic, customized, traditional, but most of all, of value. In our world today, GBTQ+ Men should not have to struggle to find love. Best Man Matchmaking understands the struggles and hardships Gay Dating can be and work with quality men who deserve to be matched with singles of quality caliber that seek the values and beliefs that align with their own. But overall, they deserve love!