We Match You With Upper Echelon Gay Singles

After working with more than 1500+ singles who were seeking a long-term, committed relationship, our Founder and CEO, Anthony, has found that each one of them needed extra comfort and reassurance as they struggled to navigate their dating journey and progression.

At Best Man Matchmaking, we’ve custom-tailored a curated, matchmaking process that guarantees dating results. 

Level 1: Initial Questionnaire Form

To get started, potential clients will fill out the initial quesitonaire form by clicking the “Get Started’ button. The initial questionaire will go over your personal background and professional accolades, but most importantly, what qualities and values you seek for in your future partner. After filling out your initial questionaire form, one of the Matchmakers will reach out to you directly to customize a matchmaking membership that fit the ideal price range you invest in.

Level 2: Virtual Consultation with your Matchmakers

After finalizing a membership package the potential client would like to move forward with, the potential client will proceed to a consultation with both Co-Owners, Anthony and Daniel via Zoom. During the call, Anthony and Daniel learn more about you, answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may have, and process your membership invoice and membership contract.

Level 3: Matchmaker Dinner

New Clients will be invited to a two (2) hour, Matchmaker Dinner with both Co-Owners. During the dinner, both owners will have the amazing opportunity to learn more about you and what you are looking for in a partner in full-depth: from hobbies, to community service, to religion compatibility, seeking marriage or a life partner, do you want to have kids, and even ask what’s your sexual preference in the bedroom (yes, we take everything into account), alongside eating a nice dinner and having a few drinks (because we gays love to socialize and have some good food and beverages).

Level 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Review Potential Matches

As the Co-Owners get to know you, they will also be working behind the scenes- depending on the membership purchased, clients will either continue further sessions with the Co-Owners or go on standby as Anthony and Daniel will begin the matchmaking process; scouting, recruiting, vetting, and curating quality potential matches. Clients will receive an email or text from either Matchmaker to present, review, and approve potential matches.

Level 5: Planning The Date

Once the client and his match have approve to meet one another, Anthony and Daniel will coordinate the first date! Dates are planned as In-Person, Interactive Dates, such as a walk in the park, happy hour, an interactive activity such as rollerblading or exploring an art museum, or dinner at the promenade!

Level 6: Post-Date Feedback and Call to Action

The day after the initial first date, one of the Matchmakers will send both the client and his match a date feedback form to fill out to see how the date went. Both members will have the opportunity to follow-up with Anthony and Daniel to discuss the date in-depth and discuss protocol of action- whether that’s both matches agreeing to meet for a second date or moving on to the next match.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Best Man Matchmaking different from other Gay Matchmakers or Matchmaking Companies?

Best Man Matchmaking is California’s only certified, LGBTQ+ owned matchmaking company that specializes in matching Gay, California Men to quality singles. Most matchmaking companies are heterosexually ran both as a business and their team whereas Anthony and Daniel are two gay men born and raised in California, Certified as Professional Gay Matchmakers, co-running a Gay-focused Concierge Service. They understand the struggles and hardships Gay Dating can be in their home state as they faced those adversities, insecurities, and traumas themselves growing up as gay men. They also believe that their client should have the power to build and customize their memberships, what are there needs and wants, and their main philosophy is to bring back meaning to your dating life by introducing you to the upper echelon of gay singles that seek the values and beliefs that align with your own, as well using thought-provoking analysis through coaching, counseling, and therapy to boost oneself.

How many matches do you guarantee in a paid membership?

Memberships vary on the financial investment the client is willing to invest in; our lowest investment membership begin at 3 guaranteed matches for 6 months, with our highest investment membership at 10 guaranteed matches for a year and 3 month membership duration.  

Will I be able to see photos of my match beforehand?

Yes- at Best Man Matchmaking, we believe that physical attraction is essential and crucial when it comes to matching compatibility. Like our Co-Owners state, “you can match 100% on paper and when it comes to sharing similar energy patterns, however, if you’re not gawking, fantasizing, intimately staring, or infatuated with the match in front of you physically, the match is nothing more but platonic, that will lead to at the very most a friendship, worst comes to worst being ghosted.   

I’m based outside California, do you work with and take on clients outside California?

Unless you are open to only being matched with California Men, unfortunately, we don’t take clients who want to be matched outside of California due to our specific niche and database, which mainly consist of Gay California Singles. At this time, we are more than happy to add you to our database and refer you over to a certified matchmaking partner and in due time, we would love to expand to other service areas, but at this moment, we only work with Gay Men who are California Residents or Gay Men wanting to be matched with California Men.  

What is your success rate/how many clients get into exclusive relationships from the service?

Success rates are defined differently; at Best Man Matchmaking, we don’t only consider successful matches as a success; a client gaining more dating confidence or awareness to a client learning more about themselves because of our process, that’s a success as well. However, Anthony and Daniel have introduced multiple couples who have gotten into exclusive relationships, and some even to getting married! We’d love to find the same for you!  

What’s the frequency at which I will meet my matches during my membership?

It depends; at Best Man Matchmaking, we don’t believe in sharing a certain number of profiles a month as we don’t want to share matches “for the heck of it”. We believe in taking our time in matchmaking our clients, even if it means waiting to get it right; we believe in organic scouting, recruiting, and vetting for matches and want to aim to make sure that each match is of the highest quality, both on paper and energy-wise. But that being said, every month within your membership, you will get an update email regarding membership and match progression.   

Do you offer coaching?

Yes; our Founder and CEO, Anthony, is also a Certified Dating and Relationship Coach, as well as in the process of receiving his Masters in Clinical Psychology, specializing in LGBT Affirmative Psychology, and is currently doing his clinical training as a Marriage and Family Therapist AND Professional Clinical Counselor. Please click here to inquire about private Coaching, Therapy, or Counseling Rates with Anthony!