Valentine’s Day…

also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine,

a day that lands every February 14th of every year,

is a day in which lovers express their affection towards one another, whilst exchanging greetings and gifts, but overall, show how much they love each other and how much they mean to one another…

…Can I throw up now?

Let me tell you… the amount of times I’ve ran into the:

“Valentine’s Day is coming, share your story!”

posts on Facebook… I just wanna throw up… so much more.

In case you haven’t figured it out, by the time I’m posting this, today is February 14th, aka, Valentine’s Day.

Or if you happen to be something called “single”, it’s also called:

Single af day.
Aka, it’s just another day for the world to remind you how single you are and how happy couples are during this day… yay…

Oh… but don’t worry single people, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! How do I know? Let me tell you:

“Hi, I’m Anthony. I’m a Matchmaker and the Founder of West Bloom Avenue… and I’m single as f*#$.”

In my 22 years of living, I HAVE STILL TO THIS DAY YET TO HAVE A SINGLE VALENTINE’s, and although generally, that’s very, very sad… (damn that got deep), it was around when I was 18 or 19 years old when I came to this realization that when it comes to the idea of Valentine’s Day and the whole of concept of “it’s a day of love”, yeah, sure, it’s a day in which you express joy and gratitude towards your significant other, I get it.

But if you happen to be single on this day, who do you give gratitude and joy towards if you have no one to give it to?

The answer: yourself and the people around you. Think about it.

Valentine’s Day is a day geared towards love, and if you happen to be single on this day, we happen to enforce this idea of “it’s just another day, it’s just another day, it’s just another day”, kind of like positive reinforcement.

In reality, it’s actually reinforcing us negatively.

And because we’re carrying around this negative energy of “being single on the day of love”, we’re affecting the people around us, thus making them either:

A. Make them feel bad that we’re single and sad

or B. They get annoyed at us because we’re so sad that we’re single

Just because you’re single “on the day of love”, that doesn’t mean you need to remind yourself “it’s just another day” or be sad just because you’re single.

What you should be doing, is treating yourself with the love that you always deserve.

The reality is that there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself on this day of love and there’s nothing wrong with being single overall, but that’s for another post.

To all my single people out there, you’re awesome, amazing, unique, and you don’t deserve to feel sad on this day, nor try to reinforce yourself that today is just like any other day.

You deserve to treat yourself today; give yourself the rest and recuperation you deserve, but overall, give yourself the love that you deserve.

Now I do want to disclose a forewarning before I continue forward:

***This post is specifically for my single bros out there***

but to my single ladies out there, don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you either!

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But for this post, this one goes out to ALL MY SINGLE BROS AND SINGLE MEN OUT THERE!

I’m about to tell you 3 things you need to do/recognize during this valentine’s season! Let’s get into them!

3 Things To Do/Recognize During This Valentine’s Season – Single Men Addition!

1. Valentine’s Day is just another day for businesses to profit off couples! You’re in the clear!

Like honestly, I’m not afraid to say it, but Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday!

Valentine’s Day majority of time requires money… you, as a single man, don’t have to worry about spending said money and can instead, use money on other priorities.

Let’s be real and straight forward, while couples are out there Googling cute, date ideas during COVID or trying to figure out what to get each other for Valentine’s Day, whether that’s the inexpensive gifts of flowers and chocolates to the VERY expensive gifts of jewelry or even get away vacations, at least you’re saving money!

Literally everywhere you look, there’s some form of advertisement geared towards Valentine’s Day Promotions and for a single lad like you, you don’t have to worry about it!

Another thing THAT’S REALLY GOOD that you don’t need to worry about it the emotions it causes couples when it comes to this special day.

Valentine’s Day to some couples can be the equivalent to anniversaries or in accounts for celebration, hence, pre-planning and ideas are taken into account. For you, you don’t need to worry about it and go about your day regularly!

If you ask me, sounds good to me! You’re saving money, saving your emotions, and get to live freely during this day.

Which brings me to the next thing on this list, which is:

2. Thy shall love me, myself, and I!

Don’t have that special lady or gentleman to call your own? Then treat yourself in the meantime until they come into your life then!

You’re not being selfish whatsoever by treating yourself; you deserve to give yourself self-love!

Singles feel that on Valentine’s Day, it’s a day in which we’re supposed to stay in bed and eat until Valentine’s Day is over when really, you need to take yourself on a date!

It’s easy to feel bad about yourself when you’re single on Valentine’s Day and we really shouldn’t allow ourselves to let negativity lead on how the day is going to plan out.

We need to use positive energy and spin it into something positive. In this case, if you don’t have that Valentine’s person you can call your own, the Valentine that you need to look for is yourself!

Don’t let the idea that you need another person in order to reach a certain level of happiness, because the reality is that 1. It may not be what you think and 2. Trust me, there are things you can’t do in relationships that you are free to do when you’re single!


I can even list them, you can:

Treat yourself to a feast of champions with your favorite food/meals
Treat yourself to a well deserve work out session you’ve been procrastinating on
Get out of the house and SAFELY go on a walk, go to the beach, go to a hiking trail, walk around a promenade, etc.
Binge watch that latest show you were either too lazy or busy to watch
Stay in and pamper yourself with a well deserved spa day because men deserve rest and recuperation too
Safely go out, go to your favorite bar, and have your go-to cocktail
Treat yourself to a day that’s like any other lazy Sunday
Plan a virtual, bro date with your single bros and watch the game, play video games, or binge watch tv shows or movies
Unplug from social media and enjoy a day without tech to allow your mind rest and recuperation
CATCH UP ON SLEEP! Like I’m being serious, sleep in. Or take a nap in the middle of the day or something.

Literally, I can keep going on. The list can keep going and going.

And what ever you decide to do during Valentine’s Day, it brings me to the last thing on the list:

3. No matter how long you’ve been single, know that you’re special 365 days a year!

Regardless of if you’re newly single or have been single all your life, remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t exclusively for couples.

Just like in wedding vows when the newly married couple are vowed to love each other, you need to love yourself.

And in the words of RuPaul:

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?!


Just like every other holiday, it’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day is just one day and sooner or later, it’ll be over. 

Do you wanna know what’s not gonna be over? The self-love you are going to remind yourself each and every day!

Let’s again be real, we think that relationships and couples in love are peaches and strawberries.

When in reality, a relationship on Valentine’s Day comes with its own set of anxieties and pressures. If you’re single, you have the right of being selfish and putting your own needs first. And if anyone tells you otherwise, you can tell them they can suck their… you know what and wave a magic wand and have your dream partner come to life. Until then, you deserve a day to yourself, that’s filled with nothing but self-love and selfish ways of treating yourself BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!


Although some people see Valentine’s Day as an annoying, stupid holiday, that doesn’t mean you should pout and see the day as a negative.

While couples are out and about doing what ever they’re going to do today, I plan on having a ball on February 14 and treating myself to a Sushi Feast, whilst watching LCS.

Just because you don’t have a significant other to cuddle up next to, talk to, love overall, it doesn’t mean you can’t follow a holiday that honors love. Because reality is that you deserve love, you’re just seeing the negative side of things.

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