PearlRose Pixels is a Photography Business by Amanda Galland, located in Antelope Valley, CA and beyond, specializing in family, children, maternity, engagements, and lifestyle photos.

Going into 2021, I wanted to feel:


And what better way to feel empowered than to take some photos; professional photos if I may add.

I was introduced to Amanda, the photographer behind PearlRose Pixels, through my sister and let me tell you-

when I saw her portfolio on Instagram, not only was I instantly hooked, I told my sister, “We need to book a session with her ASAP”! So we did!

When I tell you I was utterly dumbfounded when she sent me over the finished photos from our photoshoot:


They were absolutely amazing; breathtaking in fact!

If you are in the LA County and looking for a photographer who specializes in:

  • Family
  • Children
  • Maternity
  • Engagements
  • and Lifestyle photos

or looking to get some professional photos taken, I definitely recommend going to PearlRose Pixels!

For business inquiries, you can email Amanda at or go to